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Culinary Walk — Taste Hungary

Culinary Walk

Our signature tour introduces local culinary and wine culture through classic flavors, unique wines, history, and stunning architecture. Budapest’s first food tour, est. 2008!


  • 8 Tasting stops

  • Market tasting tour

  • Wine tasting: 3 wines with a cheese board

  • Full lunch

  • Coffeehouse visit with a cake tasting

  • Led by a food-specialized guide

Tasting notes

  • Selection of classic cakes and coffee

  • Lángos (Hungary’s favorite street food)

  • Artisanal chocolate tasting

  • Lunch feast of traditional dishes

  • Charcuterie tasting

  • Shot of Unicum (a classic herbal liquor)

  • Traditional Hungarian soda water

  • 3 fine Hungarian wines, including the legendary Tokaji aszú

  • Pickled vegetable selection

  • Túró Rudi (a chocolate confection made with a surprising ingredient)

  • Artisanal cheese tasting

Tour details

  • Duration: 4 hours

  • Most dietary restrictions can be accommodated

  • Departs: 10am Monday - Saturday

  • Sunday tours follow a different route

Also Included

Photo Gallery

Budapest's signature food tour

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Our food, wine, and cultural walking and tasting tour begins at The Central Market Hall—Budapest’s cathedral of food and one of Europe’s largest and most spectacular indoor markets —and continues through two of its most charming neighborhoods.

At the market we’ll introduce you to Hungarian cuisine through the great variety and abundance of ingredients (mostly local and seasonal) on display. We will discuss the spectacular building, the culture of eating and drinking in Hungary, the ingredients, the dishes commonly made from them … and just what it is that Hungarian home cooks do with all of that pork fat, paprika, and goose liver. As we walk the market aisles we’ll taste a selection of foods (and have an aperitif to fortify us).

From there, we we’ll start our exploration of the surrounding neighborhood. After a lunch feast at a traditional butcher, we’ll head to a classic coffeehouse to sample some of the elegant cakes for which Hungarian bakers are known. After a quick stop at an award-winning chocolatier, we’ll be ready to relax over three glasses of quintessential wine (with pairings of local artisan cheese).

A sommelier will introduce us to the Hungarian wine regions, varietals, and styles, helping you put the Hungarian wine scene in context. We’ll end with a taste of the spectacular golden-tinted Tokaji aszú wine. This tour will give you a taste of the traditional side of Hungarian cuisine, and the modern artisan producers and specialty shops spicing up Budapest’s food scene.

Travel Tip

Make it a full day! We designed the Culinary Walk to complement the Budapest Grand Walk. The Grand Walk begins where the Culinary Walk ends, so it’s convenient to take these tours on the same day … and you’ll fully experience Budapest’s culinary delights as well as its history!

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  • Best Wine Tour Operator (2017)

  • Best Wine Tour Operator (2018)

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